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More Chain Lanyards

More Chain Lanyards

Since I started adding chain lanyards to my Etsy shop a couple years ago, I had no idea how popular they would become. I have since added several new styles and metal colors of chain lanyards and wanted to share some of them here. My most popular chain lanyards are silver and gold, but I also have gunmetal, matte gold, matte black, antique copper, and antique brass, in the below style…

In each listing for my chain lanyards above, in the item description, I have links to the same style chain lanyard in other metal color options.

I also have other styles of chain lanyards, including several styles of sterling silver chain lanyards, which have started becoming pretty popular, like the ones below…

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Check out my shop for these chain lanyards and other styles…

TheLanyardNecklace Etsy Shop


Gold Chain Lanyards

I have received several requests for some gold chain lanyards, and since I had several silver chain lanyards in my shop, and no gold chain lanyards, I figured it was time to add some to my Etsy shop.  So, here are a few of my latest gold chain lanyards that I have recently added to my shop.  There are 3 different gold chain lanyards shown below, all made of gold plated brass, including the extension chain… The first two pictures are of one that is made of large twisted gold chain links.  Pictures 3 and 4 show a chain lanyard made up of matte gold textured chain links, which I think it very pretty.  However, this chain is being discontinued by the supplier, and so I only have a limited number of them.  The last two pictures show another lanyard with another type of textured link gold chain links.  I will add more gold chain lanyards to my shop, as I find more good quality gold chain.  You can find all of these gold chain lanyards, and many more, in my Etsy shop at

Sports Team Lanyards

Sports Team Lanyards

My college football sports team lanyards have become a big hit over the years! I started out designing and creating Alabama and Auburn beaded lanyards, as those two teams were, and still are, the most popular where I live. I have sold several of these lanyards at local craft shows that I have participated in. Since these two college football teams are so popular here where I live in Alabama, I figured that I should just go ahead and make beaded lanyards for any and every college football team around the US. Initially, I would just make the beaded lanyards in team colors, and then find and purchase the fabric badge reels from other Etsy sellers. But I have since learned how to make my own badge reels and so I have been purchasing cotton fabric in any college football team I can find! Here are just a few that I have made over the past few months…