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‘Little House on the Prairie’ reunion: The cast remembers life in Walnut Grove

Just thought I would share a post about the Little House on the Prairie… Looks like the crew got together to reunite. Man I loved that show! Michael Landon was awesome and so was Melissa Gilbert. I remember watching Little House 3 times a day in the summers when I was younger. And I still watch reruns on Halmark sometimes. Loved the great family values that were taught on every show. Good times… πŸ™‚


About TheLanyardNecklace

I have always been an artsy craftsy person and have had a passion for being creative. I started learning about jewelry design in 2008 and have been addicted to it ever since. LOL I started selling my jewelry on Etsy in 2011 through AWR Designs, which is mainly bridal jewelry ( In 2012, I started getting several requests for beaded and chain lanyards from coworkers at my full time daytime job, so I decided to open up a second Etsy shop just for my lanyards, The Lanyard Necklace, and along with it, a blog, new Twitter handle, Facebook page, and website. :-). Please check out my new Etsy shop, for a variety of beaded and chain lanyards.

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